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Welcome to RV Tech Ideas!

Hello, my friends! Firstly, I introduce myself as Muhammad Obaid Ullah Shaikh.

The author and founder of RV Tech Ideas. I am currently in Canada, but I am born in Pakistan.

First, By passion, I am a Civil Engineer from NEDUET, By birth, my background also includes architectural and design work.

Secondly, in hobbies, my passion and almost dream life is work within traveling, and my efforts and most of my things, like my circle, go around it. I love traveling.

Shaikh Obaid Author of rvtechideas.com

If traveling with all your things and with your Bed, Kitchen, Dining, Bathroom, Dressing room, with your bank, with your Storage, Camper accessories, gadgets, pets, friends, and family.

All of these things (Work + Friends or Family + traveling) are possible in one way: RV lifestyle, RV travel.

In this way, you unlock your rusty freedom, all of them here and what you want.

In China, RVs are necessary to use for living purposes rather than travel needs because a lot of people gather in specific areas or land.

It all looks very dreamy and astonishing, but if you get to step down from your dreamy life, you may face a lot of trouble.

As an avid traveler thinking, I love to explore new places and make the adventure all travel with an RV (Recreation Vehicle), it may be a Car, camper, trailer, bicycle, boat, etc…

At RV Tech Ideas, my goal is that I will share with you innovative solutions to the issues day to day you may facing and with this freedom mindset, I will be covering more and more topics such as;

  • Travel Destination and Places
  • Planning and Packing
  • Checklist before traveling in RV
  • Budgeting and banking problems
  • Problem in Seasonal traveling
  • Luxury Travel
  • Activities within RV travel
  • Accessories and Gadgets necessary you want
  • Travel with your Pet
  • Cooking and Food
  • Socializing
  • Types of RV
  • With People ( solo, Family, and Friends)
  • RV indoor Checklist
  • Safety and hunting Checklist
  • Resources that you want in between travel in an RV
  • Part-time or Full-time RV travel
  • Retirement Trips or Exploring
  • Storage problems
  • Maintenance and renovation
  • Modification
  • Interior and Exterior Selection or design for your suitable Travel
  • Furniture Placement and organizing
  • M.E.P ( Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing )
  • Preventative Measures
  • Weather Precautions
  • Tips and trick
  • RV System Problems

All types of troubleshooting problems here we share

Being an architectural designer and Engineering, I have a unique perspective on this on my platform. Not my promise I will give you 100% experience base content but my content is based on very extensive research and plus with my circle experience.

So many I technically handle in specific areas in RV Travel because First, I am technically is Designer and Engineer well-known about Designing, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing.

RV is just like a Motor or Travelling home But the difference is a civil engineer and designer makes a home on land here, Making a Home on four wheels.

I am here and dedicated to helping people who struggling with Freedom in travel or RV and here you find valuable information and effective solutions for dream travel in RV on the road.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or topics you did like me to cover, feel free to me reach out!

Thanks, you are a part of the RV Tech Ideas community. Let’s make this journey together, exploring the world, and enjoying RV adventures.

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Your Friend,

Muhammad Obaid Ullah Shaikh

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