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The Best Custom RV Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

The Best Custom RV Mattress for a Good Night's Sleep

The best custom RV mattress is the one that’s right for you. You’ll sleep well on the road with the right mattress.

I said to my younger brother, “I’m so tired,” when we reached the RV park. We drove all day, and I was exhausted. “Me too,” he said. We’re here nonetheless. Set up and get some sleep.”

Everything we needed was unloaded into the RV. We prepared the bed, and I realized the mattress was uncomfortable. Because it was lumpy and rough, I knew I wouldn’t sleep well on it.

The next morning, I researched online and learned that many RVers had the same issue. RV mattresses are usually poor. Even though they are compact and lightweight, they don’t always sleep well.

Then, After I learned from the Sleep Foundation and customized one to my specific requirements, it was slightly more costly than a normal mattress, but it was worth it.

My first night on my new mattress, I slept like a baby. Comfortable and supportive. Fresh and ready for the day, I woke up. Guess what? 70% of RVers feel their mattress is the most essential aspect of their comfort. For RVers, I recommend a custom mattress. To sleep well on the road, it’s ideal.

There’s likely to be one that suits you. Let’s Get Started!

What are the Most Common RV Mattress Myths?

What are the Most Common RV Mattress Myths?

Some myths regarding custom RV mattresses include them being too expensive, taking too long to make, or being less comfortable than pre-made ones. Myths aren’t always true.

5 RV custom mattress myths and facts:

MythFactual Reality
Custom RV mattresses are too expensive.Many affordable RV beds are available, but custom ones are pricey. The size, materials, and features of a customized RV mattress influence its pricing.
Custom RV mattresses take too long.Within weeks, many personalized RV beds may be created and delivered. Some custom RV mattress businesses have longer delivery periods.
RV mattresses created to order are less comfy.Custom RV mattresses are comfy and supportive because they fit your requirements. Not always. Many people like the feel of pre-made RV beds, which are comfy.
Custom RV mattresses are less durable.Quality materials and handiwork make custom RV mattresses last longer than pre-made ones. The materials and construction of both custom and pre-made RV mattresses may make them durable.
Custom RV mattresses don’t sleep well.Even when traveling, a customized RV mattress can help you sleep. It’s not true. People sleep well on personalized RV mattresses.

To determine if a custom-made RV mattress is perfect for you, try one out. Custom RV mattress businesses often offer sleep trials so you can sample the mattress in your RV before buying it.

Tips for buying the perfect RV mattress:

  • Do your research: There are several custom RV mattress companies. Find a reputable company that sells high-quality mattresses.
  • Get professional advice: Ask a mattress expert what sort of mattress you need. They can help you find a supportive, comfy mattress for your needs.
  • Try before you buy: Many custom RV mattress manufacturers offer sleep trials. This allows you to test the mattress in your RV before buying it.
  • Take your time: Avoid hurrying to buy an RV mattress. Choose a quality mattress by taking your time and doing your research.

What are the Different Types of Custom RV Mattresses?

What are the Different Types of Custom RV Mattresses?

Custom RV mattresses come in several materials and firmnesses. The mattress you choose meets your needs and preferences.

Here are the different types or latest trends in custom RV mattresses:

  • Memory foam mattresses: Comfortable memory foam mattresses adjust to your body. Their motion transmission is low, so sharing a bed with someone will be less disruptive than on a regular mattress.
  • Latex mattresses: Comfortable latex mattresses are another choice. Their strength and support are amazing. People with allergies may benefit from hypoallergenic latex mattresses.
  • Hybrid mattresses: Spring-supported hybrid mattresses combine memory foam comfort. These are useful for those who desire the best of both worlds.
  • Innerspring mattresses: Innerspring mattresses are the traditional type of mattress. They are made with coils that provide support. Innerspring mattresses can be less expensive than other types of mattresses.
  • Bunk mattresses: Bunk mattresses are designed for RV bunk beds. They are typically smaller than regular mattresses and may have rounded corners to fit the curved walls of an RV.
  • Cut corner mattresses: Cut corner mattresses are designed for RV beds with rounded corners. The corners of the mattress are cut to fit the shape of the bed.

The type of custom RV mattress you choose will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider your budget, the size of your RV bed, the materials you prefer, and your desired level of comfort and support.

What Factors should you Consider when Choosing a Custom RV Mattress?

What Factors should you Consider when Choosing a Custom RV Mattress?

The most common custom RV mattress sizes are:

  • RV short queen: RV short queen mattresses are 60″ wide and 75″ long. This queen mattress is 5 inches shorter than an ordinary queen mattress. This makes it ideal for small RVs.
  • RV queen: A normal queen mattress is 60 inches broad and 80 inches long, like an RV queen mattress. RV mattresses come in this size most often.
  • RV king: King RV mattresses are 72″ wide and 80″ long. This bigger size fits two people comfortably.
  • RV full/double: RV full/double mattresses are 53″ wide and 75″ long. This smaller size may be better for couples or solo travelers who desire more space.
  • RV bunk mattresses: The average bunk mattress is 36″ wide and 75″ long. Designed for RV bunk beds.
  • Cut corner mattresses: Cut corner mattresses fit RV beds with rounded corners. The mattress corners have been cut to fit the bed.

Your RV size and requirements impact the most common custom RV mattress sizes. A mattress professional can help you determine your mattress’s size.

More factors to consider when choosing a custom RV mattress size:

  • The size of your RV bed: Your RV bed size determines the maximum mattress size.
  • The number of mattress sleepers: Sharing a mattress requires a larger size.
  • Your personal preferences: Consider your sleeping style and comfort preferences when selecting a mattress size.

Consider all of these factors to choose the right custom RV mattress size.

What are the Most Common Custom RV Mattress Sizes?

What are the Most Common Custom RV Mattress Sizes?

When selecting a custom RV mattress, consider size, form, materials, firmness, and budget. You should pick a mattress that’s comfy and supportive for you.

Consider these things when buying a custom RV mattress:

  • Size: The RV mattress size depends on the RV bed size. RV mattresses can vary in size, so measure your bed carefully to obtain the proper one.
  • Shape: RV mattresses feature rounded edges to fit curved walls. Your mattress has to fit your bed’s shape.
  • Materials: RV beds utilize memory foam, latex, and springs. Each material has pros and cons. Memory foam is comfortable and conforms to your body, while latex is durable and supportive. Springs feel more traditional and cost less than memory foam or latex.
  • Firmness: The mattress’ stiffness affects comfort and support. Choose a stiffness level that suits you. Side sleepers require softer mattresses to reduce shoulder and hip discomfort. A firmer mattress will support your spine if you sleep on your back.
  • Affordability: Custom RV accommodations are costly, so determine a budget before buying. There are numerous inexpensive mattresses, so you should be able to choose one that meets your needs and your budget.
  • Customized comfort: In 2023, customized comfort will be prominent. This implies that mattresses may be customized for each person. You may customize the mattress’s firmness, thickness, and materials.
  • Durability: Also vital for RVers is durability. Traveling may wear out custom mattresses, which endure for years. RV mattresses are sensitive to temperature and humidity, so select an appropriate one.

Consider the following in addition to these:

  • Warranty: Most custom mattresses are warrantied. You should read the guarantee to discover what’s covered.
  • Shipping: Custom mattresses are expensive to ship, so budget accordingly.
  • Return policy: Most mattress companies allow returns. Read the policy to discover how long you have to return the mattress if you’re unhappy.

Consider all of these elements when choosing the best custom RV mattress.

What are the Best Materials for Custom RV Mattress Covers?

What are the Best Materials for Custom RV Mattress Covers?

Custom RV mattress covers should be sturdy, moisture-resistant, and simple to clean. Polyester, cotton, and vinyl are popular.

Here are a few beneficial custom RV mattress cover materials:

  • Polyester: Polyester is moisture-resistant, durable, and simple to clean. It’s a good RV mattress cover since it is suitable for travel.
  • Cotton: Natural fiber is soft, lightweight, and elastic. RV mattress covers that are comfy and cool are ideal choices.
  • Vinyl: The synthetic vinyl is weatherproof and simple to clean. This cloth is suitable for RV mattress coverings since it resists spills and moisture.
  • Microfiber: Synthetic microfiber is soft, durable, and simple to clean. It makes a comfy and flexible RV mattress cover.

The finest material for your custom RV mattress cover depends on your needs and tastes. Consider those aspects and your budget before choosing.

What is a Custom Hinged RV Mattress?

What is a Custom Hinged RV Mattress?

A custom hinged RV mattress fits your RV bed and folds in half. This makes the mattress easy to store and travel with and enhances RV space.

Memory foam and latex foam are popular materials for hinged RV mattresses due to their comfort and support. They may be created in multiple sizes and firmnesses to suit specific requirements.

Here are some of the benefits of using a custom hinged RV mattress:

  • Easy to store and transport: Hinged mattresses split in half for compact storage. They may be handled or folded up for simple transport.
  • Creates additional space: The mattress may be folded in half to enhance the RV room. This is for storage, sitting, or expanding the sleeping space.
  • Comfortable and supportive: Memory foam and latex foam are popular materials for hinged mattresses because they provide comfort and support. They may be created in various sizes and firmnesses to suit individual needs.

Custom hinged mattresses are comfy, supportive, and versatile for RVs.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a custom hinged RV mattress:

  • The size of your RV bed: The mattress size depends on your RV bed.
  • The materials you prefer: Hinged mattresses are usually memory foam or latex foam. Consider your comfort and support needs while choosing a material.
  • Your desired level of firmness: Hinged mattresses come in various firmnesses. Choose a comfortable firmness level.
  • The budget: Hinged mattresses cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Set a budget before shopping to avoid overspending.

Consider all of those factors to choose the best custom hinged RV mattress.

What are the Best brands of Custom RV Mattresses?

What are the Best brands of Custom RV Mattresses?

The most popular custom RV mattress brands include Tochta, Mattress Insider, Brooklyn Bedding, SleepEZ, and Original Mattress Factory.

These manufacturers are the best sites to buy a custom RV mattress provide memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. They also provide different sizes and stiffness levels to suit different purposes.

  1. Tochta: Tochta, a reputable custom RV mattress maker, provides memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. They also provide different sizes and stiffness levels to suit different purposes.
  2. Mattress Insider: Mattress Insider, another famous custom RV mattress business, provides a choice of mattresses at different pricing points. A sleep trial lets you experience the mattress before buying.
  3. Brooklyn Bedding: A popular mattress manufacturer, Brooklyn Bedding also makes unique RV mattresses. High-quality materials and craftsmanship make their mattresses accessible in a number of sizes and stiffness levels.
  4. SleepEZ: SleepEZ mattresses are designed for allergy sufferers and others. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic customized RV mattresses are available.

When selecting a custom RV mattress, consider the size of your RV bed, your preferred materials, and your comfort and support needs. Reading user reviews might also help you determine the mattress’s quality.

No matter the brand, a bespoke RV mattress provides a pleasant and supportive sleep.

Where can I Buy a Custom RV Mattress Replacement?

Where can I Buy a Custom RV Mattress Replacement?

Many places sell customized RV mattress replacements. Here are a few options:

  • Online retailers: Many the online vendors sell personalized RV mattresses. Ordering from home is beneficial.
  • Local retailers: Many local retailers sell unique RV mattresses. This might be useful if you want to test the mattress before buying it.
  • RV dealerships: Custom RV mattresses are sold at some dealerships. This may be a fantastic alternative if you want to buy a new RV and mattress together.

Consider following things when selecting a custom RV mattress from replacement store:

  • Price: Custom RV mattresses vary in price depending on materials, size, and features.
  • Quality: A mattress should be purchased from a reliable shop with a decent guarantee.
  • Convenience: Decide whether to buy the mattress online or locally.
  • Customer service: In case of mattress issues, be sure that the vendor has good customer service.

Warp Up: The Best Custom Camper Mattress 

The best custom RV mattress is necessary for a good night’s sleep on the road. Custom RV mattresses may be personalized for your RV, pick materials and firmness levels, and treat particular health issues. They last longer and are a better investment than ordinary RV mattresses.

It’s crucial to clarify custom RV mattress myths. They’re not always more expensive, take longer to create, or are less comfy than pre-made mattresses. Custom RV mattresses are affordable, have short lead times, and offer great comfort and support.

When choosing a custom RV mattress, consider some factors such as size, shape, materials, firmness, and budget. Compare brands and read reviews to make a decision. Many brands let you sleep trial or test their RV mattresses before buying.

Their are different types of custom RV mattresses that come in memory foam, latex, hybrid, innerspring, bunk, and cut corner forms. Your choice should suit your needs and preferences.

Commonly different Sizes RV mattresses come in short queen, queen, king, full/double, bunk, and cut corner sizes. The number of sleepers, RV bed size, and your preferences will influence your choice.

Finally, research, shopping, examining materials, size, features, deals, discounts, and budgets are needed to discover the perfect custom RV mattress offer. Quality and customer service are important when buying online, locally, or via RV dealerships.

Get a personalized RV mattress to improve your comfort and sleep quality while traveling, and wake up refreshed and ready for new adventures.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Best Custom RV Mattress

Q1. What are the standard RV mattress sizes?

Ans: The Standard Sizes of mattresses are RV short queen: 60 inches wide by 75 inches long, RV queen: 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, RV king: 72 inches wide by 80 inches long, RV full/double: 53 inches wide by 75 inches long, and RV bunk mattresses: 36 inches wide by 75.”

Q2. What is a custom RV mattress cut corner?

Ans: A custom RV mattress cut corner fits RV beds according to specific measurements or dimensions. The mattress corners are cut to fit the RV’s curving walls.

Q3. What are the pros and cons of putting a regular mattress in an RV?

Ans: The Pros of Regular mattresses are that they are cheaper and easier to find for RVs. Cons include an improper fit and less comfort than a specific RV mattress.

Q4. Can I cut a mattress to fit in RV?

Ans: Yes, A mattress can be cut for an RV. However, For maximum structural integrity, the mattress must be cut off properly.

Q5. Is it possible to get a custom size mattress?

Ans: Yes, Custom-sized mattresses are possible. Many firms make personalized RV mattresses.

Q6. Are RV mattresses a standard size?

Ans: No, Not all RV mattresses are the same size. RV mattress sizes depend on RV bed sizes.

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