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How to Clean An RV AC Unit? Simple Steps And Method To Clean Your Unit

How to Clean An RV AC Unit? Simple Steps And Method To Clean Your Unit

RV AC units are essential for summer camping comfort. Therefore, keeping your RV AC unit clean and maintained is very necessary.

My RV AC unit got dirty and dusty because I ignored cleaning it. This made the AC unit lose it’s productivity and be noisier than a casual one. The AC unit was easy to clean when I eventually did it. After cleaning, the AC functioned more quietly and more smoothly.

According to a 2022 survey by Camping World, 62% of RV owners have never cleaned their AC. But 85% of RV owners who cleaned their AC units said it increased their efficiency and performance.

Bonus tip: A coil cleaner can make RV AC cleaning easier. Specialized coil cleaners remove dirt and dust from AC coils. Most hardware stores and RV dealerships sell coil cleaners.

Here we discuss how to clean your RV AC unit step-by-step. We’ll also provide AC unit diagnosis methods and repair suggestions as well.

So, if you’re ready to clean your RV AC unit? Keep reading at last!

Let’s get started!

Preparing for Cleaning

Preparing for Cleaning

Prepare your RV AC unit for cleaning in order to ensure efficiency and as well as avoiding damage.

Gathering the Necessary Tools and Supplies

Using a soft bristle brush, a vacuum with a brush attachment, a fin comb, a light cleaning solution or detergent, and clean cloths is suitable. These equipment and tools must be available before starting.

They make cleaning the AC unit easier and prevent excessive electrical load on its components in your RV.

Safety Precautions to Take Before Starting

To avoid electrical shocks, disconnect your RV from the power before starting.

If you’re uncomfortable climbing the RV’s roof to reach the AC unit, get a ladder. Use this equipment carefully.

Finally, clean lightly to prevent damaging the unit’s delicate fins or internal parts. These procedures ensure a safe and efficient cleaning.

Cleaning the Exterior

Cleaning the Exterior

RV AC unit outside maintenance or cleaning Your RV AC unit is as important as inside maintenance. Dust, dirt, and debris can affect RV performance, durability, and air quality.

Removing Debris and Dust from the Exterior of the Unit

First, carefully remove the AC cover to see the condenser coils. Use a soft bristle brush to carefully remove dust and dirt from the coils without damaging them.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove stubborn dirt without damaging your AC.

Using a Gentle Cleaner or Vinegar Solution to Wipe Down the Exterior

Clean the casing and coils with a mild cleaner or homemade vinegar solution (equal parts water and vinegar) for a thorough clean.

Gently clean all surfaces with the solution and a soft cloth.

Rinse the cleaning solution with a moist towel and air-dry the device before restoring the cover. This ensures optimal RV AC unit operation, keeping your mobile home cool and comfortable.

Clean RV AC Filters

Clean RV AC Filters

You must also maintain your RV’s AC filters to keep it running smoothly. Maintaining clean and effective filters reduces the load on the AC unit and improves RV air quality.

Removing and Cleaning the Filters

Cleaning requires smoothly removing the AC filter to avoid damage. Make sure nothing sticks to the filters as you get them out smoothly.

Visually check after leaving. For best performance, replace them if they’re too clogged. Clean if the accumulation isn’t significant.

Using Water and Mild Soap to Wash the Filters

Brush off any dirt to start washing. Make a basic cleaning solution with warm water and mild soap. Lightly mix this solution to remove dirt and dust from the filters.

Scrubbing harshly may damage your filters.

Finally, thoroughly rinse them under running water. They should be dry before reinserting them since wetness might reduce your AC effectiveness and increase mold development.

Clean RV AC Coils

Clean RV AC Coils

Your RV’s AC unit needs clean coils to work well. The processes are simple, but they require your attention.

Removing the AC unit cover

Remove your AC unit’s cover to access its coils. The user carefully unscrews the external cover to reveal the inside compartments using a screwdriver.

This procedure takes care to avoid damage or harm. A cover removal exposes the evaporator and condenser coils for cleaning.

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils with a coil cleaner

A professional coil cleaner is ideal for complete cleaning after uncovering the coils. Spray the cleaner evenly on the evaporator and condenser coils. Melting dirt and dust on these coils improves AC unit efficiency.

After the cleaning soaks, they rinse it off to remove any residue.

To avoid electrical issues, make sure the unit is dry before replacing the cover and turning on the AC. After cleaning its filters and coils, your RV AC unit can cool efficiently again.

Finishing touches

After cleaning your RV’s AC coils, continue the job to make sure the system is clean and working correctly.

Reassembling the AC unit

Once the AC unit is clean and all the wet parts are dry, reassemble it. Replace the cover lightly to avoid cracking or damage. Secure it to the AC unit with a reliable screwdriver, aligning each screw into its assigned area and tightening it properly but not too much to prevent harming the cover.

Final steps for ensuring a clean RV AC unit

After attaching the outer cover, verify it quickly. Users can stand back and visually assess the unit for issues. To ensure the AC is working properly and providing cool, refreshing air, turn it on and monitor it. Regularly performing these steps will keep your RV’s air conditioning system working properly and lasting longer.

Warp Up: How to Clean RV AC

Keep your RV organized and clean, but also maintain important components like the AC unit. We’ll discuss the benefits of frequent RV AC unit cleaning and how to do it easily below.

Benefits of Cleaning Your RV AC Unit Regularly

Regular RV AC cleaning goes beyond appearances. Cleaning your RV AC unit speeds up cooling and saves electricity. Second, it reduces mold and allergy buildup, which are dangerous. Finally, cleaning prolongs the unit’s life, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations About How to Clean RV AC Unit

Regular RV maintenance should include AC unit cleaning. It reduces wear and tear, improves cooling, and improves mobile home health. Be proactive about AC maintenance as an RV owner to ensure comfort in hot weather and save money on maintenance, making your trips more pleasurable and worry-free. Clean RV air conditioners work better and last longer. Cleaning it should be part of regular RV maintenance.

Sharing Your Thoughts and Experiences

Sharing RV AC unit cleaning tips and thoughts. It will inform other RVers and campers about normal maintenance and how to do it. Share stories, insights, and questions about RV AC maintenance and cleaning in the comments below.


FAQs: How to Clean an RV AC Unit

Q : How frequently should I clean my RV AC unit?

Ans: The frequency of RV AC unit cleaning depends on usage and the area where you use your RV. As a general rule, clean thoroughly once a year. If the device is heavily used or under tough conditions, clean it every three to six months.

Q : What can happen if I don’t clean my RV AC unit?

Ans: Poor maintenance can reduce RV AC efficiency and performance. This might reduce cooling power, increase energy use, or cause problems. Dirt and other unforeseen particles can block and harm the AC’s key parts. Dirty circulating air can also lower RV air quality and cause health problems.

Q : What supplies do I need to clean my RV AC unit?

Ans: Cleaning your RV AC requires only a few basic items and supplies. These contain a screwdriver to remove the cover, a soft vacuum brush attachment to clean the coils, and a can of pressurized air to blow away dust and filth in hard-to-reach spots. A coil cleaner for AC units and a cloth or sponge for exterior cleaning may help preserve efficiency. Keep in mind that aggressive cleaners might damage the AC unit.

Q : Are there professionals I can hire to clean my RV AC unit?

Ans: Yes, RV AC cleaners are specialists. They have skills, experience, and the proper tools. Hiring them may cost more than doing it yourself, but they will clean thoroughly. Those who want to manage their RV AC systems themselves may find various internet tips and instructions.

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